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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Okuma > Programming backside sphere on Okuma
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    Programming backside sphere on Okuma

    Hello, I am trying to program the backside of a sphere with a cutoff tool on an Okuma Crown using the igf. If I use OD it wants to cut along the Z axis, and if I use the OD face it wants to make the arc inverted. I would like it to do some sort of LAP cycle so it rough grooves the sphere, then takes a pass on an arc to finish the sphere. Does anyone know how to program this is IGF without having to program each groove individually? TIA

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    Re: Programming backside sphere on Okuma

    hy jacob on newer igf, is possible to use od groove operation ( rough or finish ), that works with both offsets, thus both cutting edges of the cutoff tool ( thus p3 and p4 rad comp quads )

    the tricky part, is that the shape should not begin, nor end with an arch, so direct aproach will fail; one way to fix it, is to add imaginary lines

    on the other side, i have a custom code for cutt-off, that can handle corner chamfer or corner radius, and it handles it in one-shot, or by multiple passes : for example, i few days ago i delivered some o30 parts, with 5mm radius at the far end, and the cut-off tool is roughing those 5mm with multiple passes at 0.6mm doc, then finishes it; if you wish, i'll just share it / kindly
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