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    Prolight 3000 pci card

    Does anyone have one they would be prepared to loan out, or sell?

    I'm hoping to make a FPGA based replacement that operates from USB and drives the Intellitek black box (that houses all the stepper controls). Yes I know, people have connected the "black box" (with modifications) direct to the PC parallel port but that approach has major downsides.

    My understanding is:
    - the same PC card was used on the Prolight 1000 mills and the 3000 lathe.
    - the card was available in a later PCI version as well as the original ISA.

    I have a PCI card adapter for my logic analyzer so the PCI version would be way better.


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    Apr 2011

    Re: Prolight 3000 pci card

    Forgot to add (and now can't edit) .... a non-working card is fine also.

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