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    Question about inner corners (CNC)


    I need to find a solution for corner as in the picture below (the picture shows the result that I want to achieve). When I am using R5mm bit the corner is round.

    What are your thouhgts? What bit should I use and what should be the concept?

    Looking foward for your thoughts.

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    Re: Question about inner corners (CNC)

    Sorry, I can't see your attachments (probably because you don't have enough posts yet). Are you trying to make sharp 90-degree inner corners? That would not be possible with a round rotating tool.

    You can either use a smaller end mill to make the corner radius as small as possible, or overcut the corners like this:

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    Hm, ok I will try to explain.

    Yes, I understand that it is not possible to make contour with square contours.

    As an example: let's say that we use V shape 90 degrees bit and make bevel of 45 degrees all around contour of a rectangle.

    Inside corners of that rectangle become round. We can fix it by taking out a bit in the corner. But if we use a bit that is not V shape 90 degrees, but let's say rounding bit R5, and take the same path, so the corners cant be fixed in the same way as with V shape bit. So the question again is how could it be made.

    The point is to make an imitation of a kitchen cabinet door with half-rounded strip glued inside the door creating some kind of shaker door style. But there I have a problem with the corners as it looks not realistic.

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    Re: Question about inner corners (CNC)

    You can use a much smaller tool to clean up the corners, but they'll still have a small radius.
    Or, you can use a chisel and square them by hand.

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