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    Quick Setter Help

    Im using a Doosan Puma 3100. Ive never used a quicksetter before i would always just manually make a small shoulder cut, use a mic to indicate it and than have that set as my X diameter while manually setting the Z length via touching off the tool as well?. Can i just touch off all my tooling on the Quick Setter probe X and Z, write up a program and the machine will automatically set the tooling to said program? Meaning i dont have to touch off any tools to an actual piece? The manual doesnt give alot of information on it any help is appreciated thanks.

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    Re: Quick Setter Help

    You use the quick setter to setup your tooling and then use a tool to (usually) do a slight face cut and set it to z zero. Once the tooling is setup with the quick setter it’s only the z touch off that you do for each job. When you do a tip change you can redo a quick setter for it or take a cut measure and do a tool offset.

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