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    Ref All Home, Slaved axis does not synch.

    Newbie here, well on the learning curve, yet a ways to go. Here's my problem:

    When I 'ref all home' everything works well (Mach 3). The Y axis is driven by two leadshine servo's (Y and Slave A). I can jog around and even run a trial g-code program without issue. BUT, if I jog well off of home (say 40" in Y direction), stop and then select 'ref all home' the A slave axis lags the Y location, alot! Any Idea how this can be happening? By the way I have checked my hardware and there does not appear to be anything slipping mechanically (shaft and belt pulleys matched marked).

    I don't think it is related, but shortly before this happened I ran Axis Calibration in the settings page for the Y leg. It only changed the multiplier by a small amount, since it was only a few thousandths off over 15 inches. I assume even if the A leg had the older value it wouldn't be that far off. Besides when jogging and running a program they seem to be in synch.

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    Re: Ref All Home, Slaved axis does not synch.

    Y axis and A axis should be the in motor setting. if y is 4000 step per Inch or mm the A needs to be the same acceleration is set at 50 the have to match be no differences at all. I copy and past setting from y to A so I do not miss type anything then save every change with every copy.

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