It seems battery issues force me to reinitialize the control.
Getting Buss error on some screens.

So i have most of the backups done:

From page 1 on screen
#1 programs (including tool change program)
#2 Tool data
#3 Parameters
#5 Common variables

from page 2 on screen
I was not able to get:
#30 Macro programs
#40 robot programs (we do not use a robot)
#50 Basic
#60 trace data

I did get from page 2
#99 all 1 (execpt 102 axis independent parameter
#99 all 2
#99 all 3

I also have all the original parameters from manufacture. (it is a Dyna mechatronics DM4800)

Do i have enough backups to reinitialize this control.
Any hints would be helpful.

Concerned about the plc data being lost.
I have the procedure to reinitialize from Mitsubishi.