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    Reset c after disengage

    He guys.

    I'm wounding if it is possible to get my machine to reset c-axes cordinat when disengaging it.
    Today I have to rewind it to zero before disengage which can be quite time consuming.
    It's a lathe controlled by fanuc 18i

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    Re: Reset c after disengage

    On my samsung SL-65MC with fanuc 0i I will program a G28 H0; M5 that way it will zero out before it disengaging. I like having a zero in C on the screen when I'm not using C axis

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    Re: Reset c after disengage

    Is C axis the spindle or a real servo?

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    Re: Reset c after disengage

    G28 h0 did the trick.

    Sendt fra min ANE-LX1 med Tapatalk

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