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    RhinoCam Ramping moves.

    I am currently using Artcam as CAM software, but since I also use Rhino, I am considering switching to RhinoCam. What I fail to achieve with it is adding ramping movements to each step down layer. So far, I only manage to get lead in movements on the first step down layer.
    My question is whether I can get a similar movement with each step down layer in a pocketing or roughing operations ?

    Thanks in advanse

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    Re: RhinoCam Ramping moves.

    Its a few years since I used RhinoCam and ramping was my preferred entry strategy.I can't remember any issues with ramping on anything but to be certain,you might fire off an enquiry to Mecsoft.If they can see a potential sale resulting,I don't doubt they will soon provide an answer.

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    Re: RhinoCam Ramping moves.

    The answer is yes. There is a check box in the entry/exit dialog tab that asks whether the entry/exit criteria should repeat for each pass.

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