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    Nov 2021

    Question Robocut-CAMi Ed.2.2 Tutorials/Training

    Anyone have any suggestions on where to find any tutorials for Fanuc Robocut-CAMi Edition 2.2?

    Attempting to create a nested program, but I am unsure of the proper method of setup for both a single or nested program.

    We've had these late 90's/early 00's Alpha OCs that have been sitting since I've started 6 months ago. I'd like to get them actually doing some production instead of being dust collectors.

    Any direction is much appreciated!

    EDIT: I have the nested parts drawn out in the CAMi software, but am unsure of EDM setup procedures within the machining instruction.

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    Nov 2022

    Re: Robocut-CAMi Ed.2.2 Tutorials/Training

    This is an issue that I would also like to find some answers. There does not seem to be much info available on how to create machining figure with partial coreless cutting for parts that can't be split into half with either cutting it all coreless nor with just splitting it. We have Alpha C600IA and though it's relatively simple to use, the CAMi and settings can be a pain in the ass to figure out.

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