Looking to possibly upgrade my mill turn machine from a regular 2.2kw Chinese spindle to an atc spindle. Currently using a huanyang with plugin to control my milling spindle. My machine also has a servo driven turning spindle that is controlled by step/dir. Normally it would be a problem for mach3 to control 2 completely different spindles with different settings, but in my case it works because the huanyang plugin remains functional even though I have mach3 configured to control a step/dir spindle. This allows me to control each spindle individually as I switch between turning and milling within one program just by disabling one spindle or the other in macros as needed.

So here's the dilemma, my setup relies on the huanyang rs485 plugin for all this to work like I need it to. When I switch to an atc spindle, it will likely require a different vfd. I'm not sure exactly how the huanyang plugin works. Will it work for other brand vfds as long as they have rs485 input? Or is the plugin specific to huanyang?