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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Servo Motors / Drives > Sainsmart 1 axis CNC controller ST-PMC1 use/ setup
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    Sainsmart 1 axis CNC controller ST-PMC1 use/ setup

    Looking at using one of these to control a ac servo. Has anyone used one?
    Is it capable to drive a AC servo?
    1 Single Axis CNC Servo Stepper Motor Motion Programmable Controller ST-PMC1 | eBay

    Would guess that a servo drive will have to be interfaced. Does it have the correct outputs?

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    Re: Sainsmart 1 axis CNC controller ST-PMC1 use/ setup

    Having a serious problem with the ST-PMC1 Controller.
    Here's what I'm trying to accomplish. I need to be able to set the Controller to pulse a Bipolar Stepper Motor a certain, constant # of steps on command from a PLC. When the steps are done, the Controller has to send back a "done" signal to the PLC, so 'work' can be done at that location of the Tooling.
    However, here's the mechanics: The Stepper motor (NEMA23) is connected to an ACME Lead Screw. The "NUT" of the Lead Screw is coupled to a fulcrum Arm which can swing through an arc of -30°, 0°, +30°. At each position, 'work' is performed. To the Fulcrum Arm is attached a Turret with mechanical / pneumatic effectors. After the first 'work' is done, the Stepper Motor gets a command to move the assembly to the next position. Work is done, then the Stepper Motor moves the assembly once again where work is done. The PLC then energizes the Indexer, and the Fixture Bar moves to the next increment. Now, the process is repeated.
    There's much more to this operation, and sometimes, depending on the machine set-up, the Turret remains in the middle (0°) position, since only ONE 'work' is done. OR, sometimes there are 2 'works done, so the Turret Arm moves between the 0° position & the Left (-30°) position.
    My problem is NOT with the mechanics OR the Ladder programming for the PLC to control the machine's cycle.
    My problem is in getting this ST-PMC1 Controller to work. The instructions supplied on a mini-CD are absolutely
    useless. Much of the explanation does NOT make any rational sense, since it's obvious that it was transliterated from Chinese to English. So far, I've spent at least 3 working days attempting to decipher & input a simple parameter set to get the motor to turn. The motor is connected to a popular Bipolar Driver board. I have the appropriate power supplies connected, etc. and I understand the circuit wiring for proper operation. BUT, I cannot make any sense of the actual parameter programming.

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