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    SCM Morbidelli N100, warm up

    Hello all, newly registered and would appreciate any help with this one!

    I have a morbidelli N100 cnc router for panel processing, and am based in the UK.

    The manual states that the spindle head should be warmed up prior to use, but does not tell you how to!

    I have seeked advice from the machine company technician that sold us the machine, but still having problems.

    Thus far we have been told to go to MDI tab in panelmac, press F12 twice to get the screen for spindle functions and in the lower most box enter 8 (for 8000rpm) and in the box above enter 0. upon pressing return key the box goes green and then you are to just press the start button, either on the PLC or the hand controllor.

    this procedure works maybe just once in 50 or more attempts, but mostly returns a message saying incorrect programming.

    Does anyone else have any issues with warm up procedure or can tell me where i am going wrong??

    look forward to any replies.


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    Re: SCM Morbidelli N100, warm up

    warming a spindle isn't an obligation, it is better to do it like a car in winter, and can prevent on the long term some damage. I work on Morbidelli N200 and Morbidelli Universal 3615 so my Cnc are pretty near the same. For my case when i want to do it in cold wheater. And the simplest way to do it is to drop your tool in mdi (F6) then start any routing program then turn speed to 0 on your controller and turn the rpm lowest you can before it indicate SPEED RATE 0% or FEED RATE 0%. Now your spindle should spin at low rpm without moving.

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    Re: SCM Morbidelli N100, warm up

    hello thanks for the advice, It had occurred to me to do the same and that is what we do, but having been shown a method by the scm engineer we thought we would do this as it was a (supposedly) simpler way rather than loading a program. But no worries , and nice to know we are not doing anything out of the ordinary and that other users simply load a program and then adjust the feed rate and rpm control knobs.

    thanks again for the response.

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