Hi there, I have an SCM Record 130 run by Xilog 3 software.

I'm finding that if I run a program that has anything other than tool 1 or 12 in the program the machine will go and try and change the tool. ie if I set up tool 2 with the correct cutter, tell the machine it has tool 2 in the spindle and the program only mentions tool 2. I go to run the program and the CNC will go to change tools. This is the same for tools 3, 4, 5 etc. If I copy the tool information to slot 1 or 12, change the code to use that tool and then tell the machine it has the same tool then it will run.

So confused! Anyone have any ideas what is going on? I know we have definitely had tool slot 2 set up and work in the past.

I should add that our tool changer has had a problem from the start when we bought it second hand and we have manually changed the tool and run separate programs for each cutter.