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    Search for extra long bits

    Hi guys,
    I’m specifically looking for a 1/4” shaft, 4 or 5 “ long, tapered ball bit with a tip around 1/16th” diameter. I’m doing 3d carving and my 3” bit just isn’t long enough…….. oh what I would do to have a few more inches!!!!! Lol ????
    Thanks for any leads

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    Re: Search for extra long bits

    Check out both of these vendors



    Either should be able to supply what you want.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: Search for extra long bits

    I have serious doubts that a long bit with a tip diameter of 1/16" will survive more than a second or so unless you are cutting foam.I have used a pin chuck in a 1/2 inch collet in the past and a 1/8 tip diameter was feasible,but your situation might not allow access even for the pin chuck.

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    Re: Search for extra long bits

    Indeed. We tried out a 1/8 diameter cutter that was 1" long on MDF recently. Unless we take it in 2mm passes at about 3m per minute, it snaps.

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