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    Searching for Mitutoyo screws

    I have inherited and early version Mitutoyo digital caliper, #500-115. This version has no battery door. Instead, you remove four tiny screws, remove the plastic cover from the working head, replace battery, etc. The previous owner took some time to replace the battery and meanwhile lost the four screws. The device functions reliably other than that. I can't find any resources from Mitutoyo or repair shops to supply the screws. Does anyone know the thread specifications? Any resources to find these screws?
    Fremont CA

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    Re: Searching for Mitutoyo screws

    Talk to any Mitutoyo dealer. Unless things have changed they can get parts for Mitutoyo products. I used to scour pawn shops for Mitutoyo measuring stuff and some times got good prices because of minor broken stuff. An example is I bought a square with a broken bubble and a missing scribe. I replaced them.

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    Re: Searching for Mitutoyo screws

    I've tried a few dealers. Pennies for a few screws. Postage will obviously be way more. Not worth their time to bother for such a small amount. Surely I'm not a valuable repeat customer. Hence my request for thread pitch that I might find something at a jeweler and grind to length as necessary.

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