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    Post Servo Motor Fault

    Recently a servo motor was replaced on the machine, for the z-axis.

    The driver is throwing a fault error.

    The servo is a new Hansen with a provided pigtail for the optical encoder. The exact product is not listed on their site.

    Unfortunatly, the supplier has no wiring diagram.

    We've followed their trouble shooting instructions:
    - ensure power is connected properly.
    - We've double checked the correct pigtail is in use on the encoder.
    - verrify connection cable
    - verify female jack on controller
    - modified the pots per original documentation

    Everything checks out, but as soon as we move the z-axis, the servo moves one tick then the encoder indicates a fault.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Re: Servo Motor Fault

    First I would rotate the encoder by hand and see if EnA and EnB are changing.

    If the signals from the encoder are OK, I would try swapping EnA and EnB (or reversing the motor leads if that's easier).

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    Re: Servo Motor Fault

    This seems like very high-level troubleshooting. I appreciate this, now I know where to search for my next step.

    Pre-search: I assume I'm going to find a din or similar for the hand rotation as the encoder in a fixed position. I do see that EnA and EnB are labeled - and originally expected the wiring wasn't correct.

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