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    Setting up a Wabeco F1200C for CNC

    Hi gurus,

    I've been searching the interweb for good answers to my newbie question but haven't really found one. The question is this:

    I have a Wabeco mill with 3 stepper motors for x, y and z. These motors have one 9-pin RS232 plug each. As I understand it what I now need to get is a motion controller that accepts these plugs and further connects to my PC running Mach4. But so far I haven't found any motion controllers with 9-pin RS232 input.

    Can I convert the 9-pin plugs into USB and get a USB motion controller or does anyone have recommendations for how to proceed with my current plugs?

    Your help would be highly appreciated!

    Best regards,

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    These are not serial plugs, they are simply connectors - you just need to open then up to see which pins are connected to which wire in the stepper. once youve done this - any stepper driver will work (current requirements allowing) - You just need to get corresponding sockets to make an adaptor cable if you want to keep the existing plugs.

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