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Thread: SEX SELLS!

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    LOL. I saw the big breasted machinist is shilling for Syil now.

    Several years ago I sent Syil a list of problems and deficiencies with my X5 milling machines. Bad parts, etc. They implied if I would shill for them on YouTube like John Saunders appears to do for Tormach they would send me all the parts I needed. I said sure. I'll be waiting on the parts. Well its a few years later and I am still waiting. I guess I just wasn't sexy enough.

    Fortunately I was able to source parts and make repairs on my own.

    Bob La Londe

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    Re: SEX SELLS!

    maybe you didn't fit a tank top as heartily

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    Re: SEX SELLS!

    It looks like you can be that hot too if you bought their machine

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    Re: SEX SELLS!

    Does anyone recognize that modeling program she was using? Looks quite simple!
    Helicopter def. = Bunch of spare parts flying in close formation! USAF 1974 ;>)

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    Re: SEX SELLS!

    Quote Originally Posted by bill south View Post
    Does anyone recognize that modeling program she was using? Looks quite simple!
    Looks like Tinkercad
    Anyone who says "It only goes together one way" has no imagination.

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