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    Shariff DMC2 Desktop CNC Milling Machine

    For sale:

    A fully assembled Shariff DMC2 desktop milling machine, including a variety of accessories. Price: £3200

    The machine was funded through the following kickstarter campaign:


    I backed the campaign and recieved the kit version of the machine earlier this year. Unfortunately I won't have time to use it so having now completed the build, I've decided to sell it. The machine hasn't made a single cut, but all mechanical and electrical functions have been tested and can be seen in the following demonstration:

    The two main Y axis steel tubes have been upgraded to solid steel bars to increase rigidity.

    The following accessories are also included:

    - MPG Pendant

    - ER20 Collet Set and spanners

    - Endmill Starter Set

    - Machine Vise

    - Touch probe and tool height puck

    These are unopened and in their original packaging, except the MPG, touch probe and tool height puck which have been wired in to the machine for testing.

    Note this is the 240V version, suitable for use in the UK.

    The machine is essentially in the state it would be in if you were to buy the fully assembled version directly from Shariff. This means:

    - The flood cooland pump and all the coolant plumbing has been assembled, but hasn't been tested with actual coolant.

    - Coolant isn't included but is easily available online. Silicone has been applied to the coolant tray joints but even the pre-assembled units have required some additional silicone to make them water-tight. Water-tightness of the coolant tray hasn't been tested to keep everything nice and clean.

    - All the linear rail and ballscrew lubrication lines have been connected but lubricant needs to be added to the tank. This is also available online.

    - The sacrifical aluminium plate has not been surfaced. As with the assembled units, this will need to be done when tramming the spindle.

    - A windows PC is required to run the Mach3 software. Mach3 is included but you will need to provide your own PC.

    There's a very active Facebook group for DMC2 users and the founder is quick to respond to questions.

    The machine is very heavy so collection is the only practical option. I'm located in Hackney, East London and can help load it into your vehicle. You could also arrange your own collection, but this would need to be a specialist service rather than a courier.

    This is an opportunity to get hold of an assembled, unused DMC2 at a big discount. It's currently out of stock and the buying directly adds thousands of pounds for shipping and import duty from Canada.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    Re: Shariff DMC2 Desktop CNC Milling Machine

    Hi, is the dmc2 still for sale please?

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