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IndustryArena Forum > Events, Product Announcements Etc > Want To Buy...Need help! > Desktop or a bit larger CNC with min 6" Z
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    Desktop or a bit larger CNC with min 6" Z

    Looking for a desktop or maybe a little larger 3 axis CNC but I need a minimum of 6" in Z for the projects I need it for.
    contact me if you have any leads or can help
    Pricing is dependent on quality.

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    The Taig desktop mills

    have 6" travel in Z. They are small but "overbuilt" machines made in Arizona, and reperesent a great value for their quality level. If you need more clearance, you can raise the whole Z axis box ways assembly up on the column for even more room in the vertical direction.

    Andrew Werby
    ComputerSculpture.com — Home Page for Discount Hardware & Software

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    XZero machines have 6" Z

    Check out XZero. They have a forum here.

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    Looking for a desktop or maybe a little larger 3 axis CNC
    Your looking for a 3 axis CNC what? Router or mill? If you need a router, are your looking for 6 inches of usable Z travel or 6 inches of gantry clearance?

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    Need 6" of workpiece clearance. Cutting mostly aluminum. Need to be able to do some squaring of blocks also. Want 3D capability.

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