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    Unhappy Hurco VM1 Fault

    We have a Hurco VM1 and over the past few days we've had problems. It will just stop machining and bring up a x axis or a z axis fault while the light will turn itself off and on. Also you can hear clicking at the back of the machine... Then after around 10-15 mins of doing this it is fine again! Is something on its way out maybe or coolant into electrics???

    Any ideas anyone?

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    when you say the light is turning of and on, are you talking about the work light? and you get either a x or z axis following error? Sounds like it could be low voltage on the machine check the power supply test points. The 5 volt rail must be above 5 volts. what year is your machine?

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    Usually something like this could be 5V power or limit switch cabel.. Does it give fault in similar situation or random?

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    Re-seat the DCI/O card(s) and the I/O interface card. Also check the power cable to the DCI/O backplane card is clean and well seated.

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    X-Axis and Z-Axis Fault

    Can you please provide the model numbers for the X and Z Axis drives? Also, watch the drives as this is occurring and record any displays/faults that occur. This will most likely tell us what is causing the problem


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