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    How much to charge for CNC plasma time?

    Can anyone recomend a good program for estimating cost for a CNC plasma machine? I just purchased a Plasmacam machine and think I will be going with a 60 amp torch. I'm mainly wondering how to figure out how much to charge based on material thickness, cut time, etc. Is there any method to this or do you just guess? Whats the going rate per hour? Or how should I calculate it? Thanks in advance for all advice!

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    This is most likely based on your machine. I wrote a qbasic program years ago for our wire machines. Each new machine had a better speed so I built in a machine selection variable. Each machine then had a percentage based on the base value I used from our first machine.

    All basic speeds should be supplied by the machine builder. These speeds are effected based on many factors like material and thickness. A spreadsheet could be used to do this but someone would have to fill in all the nominal values. First I would contact your machine tech support to see if this has already been done. Most builders have this type of info in some format so they can compare for sales. However it may only be a basic list.

    BTW: I have found you should stay around 70%-90% of what the tech says it will cut.....this is not a perfect world and the numbers are usually based on a perfect cut condition. I actually put a cut condition variable in my program to calculate % of perfect cut scenario.

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    Re: How much to charge for CNC plasma time?

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    Here's a very simple program i use that seems to be fair and doesn't lose me money.

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    Re: How much to charge for CNC plasma time?

    May I request for a copy for the program. I can be contacted on my email flowericq@hotmail.com

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    Re: How much to charge for CNC plasma time?

    There should be a link in my signature that will take you to the program.


    Edit: apparently not on this forum, goto ? Index page register and there will be a link there. please leave any feedback and if you like the program you're more than welcome to donate via payal at ebay@streetunity.com

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    Re: How much to charge for CNC plasma time?

    were I can get this?

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