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    Dolphin V13 - Tormach PathPilot Post Processor

    Anyone have a Post Processor for Dolphin V13 that has been modified for PathPilot? I am using the M_F6MB and everything seems to work okay except for tool offsets and going to tool change position prior to tool change so I have to do separate programs for each tool. Yea, a pain. Any help would be appreciated Thanks.

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    Re: Dolphin V13 - Tormach PathPilot Post Processor

    As pathpilot is just a hacked version of Linuxcnc, I would be using the that processor!

    There is no reason why Dolphin or yourself can't change the post so on the fly tool changes work.

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    Re: Dolphin V13 - Tormach PathPilot Post Processor

    Thanks much for the info and advise but I don't have a maintenance contract with Dolphin and am really not interested in reinventing the wheel. Just thinking maybe someone else had run into this problem and could actually provide a solution.

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    Re: Dolphin V13 - Tormach PathPilot Post Processor


    I have attached a zip file that contains 2 versions of the Tormach post, IJs absolute or Incremental - use the one that suites your PathPilot configuration.

    You will need to unzip the contents to your Documents folder and then use this method to import them.........


    Having received a new or modified post processor, you will need to import it.

    To do this double click the PartMaster Post Processor icon from your desktop, from the top toolbar choose Import
    and browse to the folder where the new/modified post processor was saved.

    When the file has been imported you will see the contents in the display area, next choose Compile from the top toolbar to create the .ppx file.

    The new post-processor is now ready for use. Close the post-processor by using File > Exit.

    When you next run DCAM or DWES the post processor will appear in the drop down list along with all original posts.

    Best Regards


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