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    Version to suit your lathe attached.

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    Re: How to correctly chamfer a hole?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwi View Post
    Altered program to enable save to notepad.
    In 2021 gonna use it. Have ou improved it or smth?

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    Re: How to correctly chamfer a hole?

    hy if this popped up, then i have solution for okuma, written last year, to use a countersink on C or Y axis

    infos :
    ... uses a linear corection parameter, so to reduce chamfer height variations
    ... segmentation can be controlled, so to avoid succumbing the machine with all those small movements
    ... compares real process time with estimated time, in order to detect if cnc was succumbed or not
    ... linear or procedural code
    ... uses HiCut-Pro
    ... to make it rough, simply change the inputs and raise X
    * chamfer height variations are increasing with overall CorY axis travel, thus the bigger the hole and the smaller the part; if needed, custom corection function can be implemented

    after i tuned it to look nice, considering that only a chamfer was needed, i simply speed it up by making it poligonal, thus reducing the number of segments; if you focus your eye, you can see those segments, but it doens't matter for the end purpose / kindly
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