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IndustryArena Forum > WoodWorking Machines > Commercial CNC Wood Routers > Chinese Machines > Can poor engraving on Aluminium be 'cleaned up'?
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    Can poor engraving on Aluminium be 'cleaned up'?

    I have just attempted some letter engraving on the back of my new controller case and it didn't come out as nice as I'd hoped. Using the 'trial and error' method, as specific info seems hard to find.
    I used a 0.8 mm straight single flute cutter and I have some burrs on the edges.
    Also used a Fogbuster with Kero in it.

    I will use a 30° V bit next time as that gave better results on a test I did......doh. Letters are 10 mm high.

    Is it possible to clean up the burrs somehow, to try and salvage the work. Not expecting a miracle, just some improvement.

    Was thinking of a scouring pad maybe? A bit concerned about scratching the rest of the Ali. Don't want to make MORE work fixing scratches after I remove the burrs...lo
    Some sort of polishing?
    Run a small chisel gently along the burrs?
    Dunno....Hoping someone has been down this track before....

    I may consider inking the letters in black as well.


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    Re: Can poor engraving on Aluminium be 'cleaned up'?

    do this all the time. use coarse steel wool. it will pull those burrs off and clean it up brilliantly. cheap. easy. effective. good results.

    May I also suggest using a ballnose with that type of lettering?

    I've done small engraving jobs with a 1.5mm dia ballnose 24000 rpm 500mm/min feed rate
    and a 0.25mm max depth of cut per pass.

    I usually dab a bit of mineral spirits - paint thinner - varsol. works wonders.

    go easy, don't get greedy with the depth of cut. hope this helps

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    Re: Can poor engraving on Aluminium be 'cleaned up'?

    Thanks Al,
    I didn't think of Steel Wool, but in this case there is a 'coating' on the aluminium that comes of with any abrasive.
    I have let it go.....WIll do better next time.
    Never thought of ball nose bits either so will try one of these next, thanks. Have to order some.

    I thought kero in a Fogbuster would be great but maybe not after seeing the results. Its all part of the fun...thanks for the tips!

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