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    Centurion 6 boot up shell

    How do i get to the shell in dos with 6 control, on the 5 it says hit F1 and on the older control it's Ctr alt delete, F1 doesn't work and i don't wan't to try the ctr alt delete in case it buggers it up, want to see the path and try and get the ballscrew pitch comp working.

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    Re: Centurion 6 boot up shell

    I know on the Centurion 5 you do Main-Parms-Setup, then enter Proto3 and then 3, and from there I can't remember, but somewhere it will pop up with exit to DOS. I was just up at my son's last weekend and we did it a lot of times.

    p.s. I'll ask Chris tonight when he's off work, he was the one doing it I was just watching.

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    Re: Centurion 6 boot up shell

    This from C6 programing manual page 158

    Get to proteacted mode then

    F9 (Shell) Main-Run-Displ-Shell
    F9 (Shell) is available if the control is in access level 2 or greater. It will Shell out to DOS. To return to the CNC, type exit. F9 (Shell) comes up in protected modes only.

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