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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Swiss Lathes > What Back Turn Tools do you prefer?
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    What Back Turn Tools do you prefer?

    We run a number of Nomura Swiss machines from 13mm to 25mm and have always used primarily the SCHR style of Iscar back turn tools on most of them. We use Mitsubishi for a deep cut back turn tool. 90% of our parts are 303SS. I was interested in what back turn tools most people use and why? Some important factors for us are:

    1. Insert availability in the US
    2. Performance in 303SS
    3. Life of the insert
    4. Cost of the insert per corner (the Iscar is a double ended insert)
    5. Width of insert for minimum loss of material due to width of back turn when turning to end of part and extending cut for width of part off tool.

    Any help would be appreciated - we are self-taught and can certainly benefit from someone with more experience. Thanks for any input.

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    Re: What Back Turn Tools do you prefer?

    where i work we us utilis multidex 3000 there is a good variety of inserts and grades and the inserts have their on location pocket that if the whole end of the insert breaks you can still us the other side with no problems
    the 1600 version looks about the same as the iscar ones

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