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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > EdgeCam > Trouble sharing Tool Store library across VPN at two locations
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    Trouble sharing Tool Store library across VPN at two locations

    We are having trouble sharing the tool library across a VPN second


    Software : EdgeCAM 2009 R1 sp2 on all stations.

    Two plant locations connected by a VPN

    Edgecam license server at first location is also the shared tool
    store library source.

    All users at the first location can access the shared tool store
    library with no problem.

    Users at the second location cannot access the shared tool toolstore
    library, but can access the EdgeCAM server keyless license from the
    first location.

    Users at the second location can ping and view the EdgeCAM license
    server at their workstation through the network connections explorer.

    I used the SQL Server Management Studio Express to add all users to
    the Edgecam tool library database on the license server. They have
    read/write access to the databases.

    I have a second SQL 2000 that works okay through the firewall VPN

    Am I missing an SQL protocal for the SQL 2005 to pass through the two
    firewalls using the VPN?

    Thank you,

    Wayne Hill

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    Earlier I tool using vpn as a normal practice which is used by everybody. After reading this article http://scoopempire.com/1-according-t...ace-jail-time/ I changed my mind because there are countries where this is forbidden and you can go to jail for it

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