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    C-axis resolver


    I own an Ikegai FT20Z lathe with fanuc 10 control. When I go to milling mode (M18) and try to do anything with the C-axis, the control gives me an SV007 error (exeed, moving). When I look in the diagnostics, the error on the C-axis is -128 constantly. Also the C-axis values are not registered when I turn the head manually. I think it is the resolver, the preamplifier or the RES/IND board (A16B-1210-0460). Does anyone know if any of these things tend to break down easilly? The resolver disks have had some oil coming from the hydraulics.
    Does anyone have parameters for the FT20Z. A list with descriptions of the fanuc 10T paramters would be equally nice.

    Kind greetings,

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    Hi again,

    I have found the solution to this myself. On de IND/RES measurement board there is a potmeter that sets the gain of some amplifier. With this I got the measurement stable. Do not hesitate to contact me for details.


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