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    What are 'post-processors'?

    I am just getting into CNC and am reading up on CAM packages. One claims to have "100s of post-processors". What are these and what are they for? The blurb obviously assumes I should know!


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    Every machine tool has their proprietary programming quirks and abilities. You CAM package doesn't know which machine you are going to use, or how you like to see the program compiled. It will take your inputs, and, using the proper post, output a program that suits you and the application. If then you have a different machine, with different quirks, then you'd re-post for that machine.

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    Ah, thanks beege. I am using Mach3 so I guess that I ned to buy a CAM package with an M3 post-processor.


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    Lazy Cam

    Mach 3 comes with a free CAM program called lazy cam that is useful for small projects. I have had no problems loading posted code made for other machines into mach3 also. I have also been able to run code made for mach3 on a haas machine as well with only minor adjustments.

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    DOING A LITTLE BLOG ON TURBO CAD TAKE A http://wwwstugod.blogspot.com/ FROM stugod

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