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    Unhappy Mitsubishi Spindle Drive Alarm

    I need help about alarm F4 6F in spindle drive display (Drive MDS-A-SP-220) , this alarm appears flashing on the display, I tried to find this alarm in the manual but Isn't appears any information about, someone could help me, please?

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    In my manual the 6F alarm is a error in the power supply A/D converter, or other error in the power supply itself.
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    Yeah 6F is a power supply alarm. The power supply throws its alarm on the connected spindle drive unit. More then likely your power supply is blown due to old age. Yours should be an MDS-A-CV-#. Mitsubishi doesn't support that drive anymore but they can sell you a newer version that is a direct replacement. You can call them at 847-478-2500.

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    1) Check from Spindle alarm History, any other alarm appeared before 6F.
    2) Check CN4 (CV) to CN4 (SP) cable SH21 is connected properly.
    3) Check CV Rotary sw. setting.
    4) Check value of SP041 = 22

    Ref attached for diagnosis
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    Re: Mitsubishi Spindle Drive Alarm

    i have a drive MDS-B-SP-J2-04 error A/D converter , please help me....

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