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    Question SL-40 Axis A (turret)

    Good morning to all.

    On a recent machine to us (SL40 lathe) the following is happening:

    1) When homing the machine, and if the homing process is not concluded in a fast manner, the A axis triggers an alarm (overcurrent)
    2) If the homing process is fast, the turret correctly homes and no other error appears, not even during machining or tool change. We made probably machining as long as 2 hours with and without tool changes.

    Observing the machine and especially the tool change, it looks to me that the index of the A servo motor is not perfectly aligned to the physically clamping of the turret. In each tool change I can observe that the position where the turret stops rotating is always a bit offside from the position that the turret ends when the hydraulic clamp comes into action.
    This way, the servo motor (I assume) is constantly trying to reach a position when the turret is clamped. This motor is always more hot than the others, even if we do not ask for tool changes, this fact might support my last sentence.

    If my thinking is correct, is there a settings where I can offset the index or to change the tool change position for the A axis for each slot? I would then be able to test the tool change without changing the hardware.
    Thank you

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    Re: SL-40 Axis A (turret)

    Turret problems can be tough to troubleshoot since there are quite a few factors in play. I recently had a ‘A Axis’ servo amp fail and swapped it with an unused bar feeder amp that identified the issue. But to answer your original question about turret indexing watch this.


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    Re: SL-40 Axis A (turret)

    Thank you Turbo442. I will check and double check the video looking for useful information.

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