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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > SolidCAM for SolidWorks and SolidCAM for Inventor > Slowing down the final few cm of a cut in solidcam
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    Slowing down the final few cm of a cut in solidcam

    Hi you all,

    I have something I would really like to implement but I do not find the setting in solidcam that would do what I want.

    Let me explain. When cutting wood materials and doing a deep cut like 18mm full slot 4F endmill depth of cut 18mm. Cutting the wood works just fine but as there are heavy forces at work on my vacuum table I would like to slow down the feed for the last 50-60mm as when the parts become smaller they tend to pop off the vacuum because of the high federate (4000mm/m).

    Is there any way to program this or set in solidcam to slow down the feed rate in the end to 10% of the normal federate. I have seen that you can set lead in lead out as a percentage of feed and speed. But that is set to the real lead out and doesn't effect the actual speed of the cut feed rate


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    Anyone any idea?

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