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    Smithy CNC 1240 gear box conversion

    I have an older CNC 1240 with 4 speed manual gear box.
    The only real problem I have had with the machine over the last 12 or 15 years is the gear box breaks the top speed gear (2700 RPM)
    I think some of the problem is when the motor turns on - there is no ramp up to RPM. It is just bang 2700.

    It is all solid shaft's together with a Key way.

    At minimum I am thinking of putting in a Love-Joy coupler to help dampen the engagement and it might be a little easier on the gears.

    But I think the ultimate fix would be to change it over to a belt drive.

    Has anyone ever done this ? There machine they came out after I bought min, was called the "Talon" I think . And it had a belt drive.
    But it was discontinued.

    The closest thing I can find available - that looks real similar is the Novakon "Torus Pro"
    It looks like I might be able to use some parts from them???

    What are your thoughts?
    All help appreciated.

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    Re: Smithy CNC 1240 gear box conversion

    Looks like im going to go ahead and do a belt conversion . This should be interesting.

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    Re: Smithy CNC 1240 gear box conversion

    I have never had any machine with direct drive from the motor to the gear box. I think your on the right track, I wonder how other owners are dealing with it.
    Retired Master Electrician, HVAC/R Commercial. FLA Saturn 2 4x4 CNC Router

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