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    Software for recording

    Hi.What software can be used to record total time of engraving and cutting?
    I want to know precisely how much time my laser tube was used.
    I have some old LaserCut software without this options and if someone know what to look for let me know.

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    Re: Software for recording

    Why not connect an hour meter to the output relay rather than do it in software.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: Software for recording


    I´m not familiar with your software. Yet if it is Windows based it is possible to run a timer along with your control program. You may have to start the timer manually but that can give you an idea.

    As you were already told adding an hour meter could give you a more accurate result but that means spend money. I myself am rather stingy and wouldn´t buy one unless absolutely necessary.

    On the cheap side, is it possible to time it yourself? I mean there are also timing apps for cell phones. I happen to use one myself.


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