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    Speed Override Default

    I use the speed override function quite often. My projects are all unique and sometimes my choice of speed is not optimal in CAM.
    No problem, I just tweak the speed with the override function from 100% up or down as required for my machine while cutting.

    Unfortunately I forget sometimes to reset this to 100% when finished and the machine may start with 200% speed the next job leaving me to scramble to reduce that before the bit breaks.

    I think it would be better to reset this internal variable to 100% when a new g-code is loaded. The likelihood that the same adjustment is needed for a different job is very small.

    So...I guess this is a feature request for a new version...
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    Re: Speed Override Default

    I think it's good too

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    Re: Speed Override Default

    You can just put a friendly reminder in the start script to warn you if your overwrites are not at 100%
    You can have a look at my script for an example

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    Re: Speed Override Default

    Thanks, this works very well for me.

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