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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Hyundai Kia > SPT-V30TD tool changing
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    SPT-V30TD tool changing

    I have a Hyundai SPT-V30TD with a Yasnac J50M control.
    the power supply went out and I replaced it. I lost everything. I got in contact with Yaskawa and we got it almost up and running. I can home out, jog around, turn spindle on and off. My issue is tool changes. It will not let me do a tool change. Could anyone tell me how to manually index tool change or home it out or reorient it?
    This is the O9000 program that was given to me
    for what ever reason it getting to /2T#149 and just sitting there. Variable #505 is one tool of than I am actually on and #149 is changing to the correct tool I am requesting. I think and am hoping that if I some how rotate the tool changer my issues will go away. Any help will greatly be appreciated

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    Re: SPT-V30TD tool changing

    have you checked #149 to see what is in the variable? It appears that it must be between 1 and 14. Also check to see if changing #505 to match your tool will work to free things up.

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    Re: SPT-V30TD tool changing

    I have check variable 149. it does change to what ever T# I am trying to switch to. So if I type in T4M6 and look at variable 149 its a 4. I also tried changing variable 505 to the tool I am on but will change back.
    Thank you

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