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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Feb 2013

    Standard Router Bits for CNC

    I am taking the plunge and have ordered a CNC kit from Avid, which should arrive in about 6 wks, in the meantime I'm trying to learn as much as possible before the machine arrives. One of the questions I have is,can standard router bits be used ?
    The kits that are offered seem limited to just a few profiles. I have a good collection of bits for my router table and have thought about maybe using some of them on the CNC router.


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    Feb 2005

    Re: Standard Router Bits for CNC

    Yes they can be used. You will probably have to custom program a "form" tool in the cam program you are going to use.

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    Dec 2003

    Re: Standard Router Bits for CNC

    It is wisest not to use tools which have a shank that is much smaller than the cutting diameter.The CNC may generate cutting forces that are greater than a human pushing a hand held router.As has been posted,you can use form tools if you offset the part outline by half of the pilot bearing diameter,and I think I would remove the bearing too,or you can find form tools without a bearing and calculate the trajectory of the tool centre.In both cases referencing the depth accurately might be challenging.Straight tools are obviously no great problem and core box tools are handy for 3D work.

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    Re: Standard Router Bits for CNC

    I have used many normal brazed-carbide tipped router cutters without problems. The only tool I have had an issue with was an 18mm two flute cutter that had replaceable carbide cutting edges, held in with screws. The tool snapped across the threaded screw holes. It was plain by the metal surfaces that a crack had been propagating for some time.

    I have also used HSS slot drills, meant for cutting metals, and they worked well too. A useful tool to have is a corrugated "ripper" type mill, these put less strain on your machine when cutting hard woods.

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    Re: Standard Router Bits for CNC

    Just make sure they are center-cutting bits.Most router bits are intended for jobs where it's not necessary to plunge into the material. Often they'll have bearings on the ends. You don't want to use those for jobs which require them to start their own holes.
    Andrew Werby

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