Firstly a big hello this is my first time posting but I've been stalking these forums for a while gathering information for a rf45 cnc conversion. Seems like a great wealth of knowledge here and good community.

I do metal fabricating and some manual machining but as of now don't own any cnc machinery.

Ive been offered a Steeltailor portable CNC plasma system manufactured 2011 fitted with a Hypotherm 1250.
I doubt ill ever use it to cut more than 10mm thickness mild steel but would like the ability to do some thin aluminium and stainless.

the details on the machine state effecient cutting range of 1.8 by 6m but its a 1.5 x 3m machine.

Im just wondering if anyone has experience with this machine and what capabilities/disadvantages i might expect compared to a newer machine.

The asking price is $10000 aud / $6800 usd a more modern machine of the same size seems further out of my price range.

the machine also comes with a lathe attachment for cutting round section

If anyone has the time to let me know of there experiences or any feedback about this machine id be really greatful. It seems like steeltailor have a good support service and threads on this forum helping with any technical issues.