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    Stepper Motor Vibrating

    Good afternoon, We have a BOSS LS1630 Laser and bought an aftermarket chuck rotary axis attachment. When hooking it up, the motor vibrates. The connection is has a 4 hole female part same as our old rotary but the new motor came with 4 wires and our old has 3 wires. This is a link to the Amazon description. Is it possible that the wires are not connected in the proper format for our laser to recognize it? I haven't heard back from BOSS or the seller. I'm thinking that if its from China it could need rewiring.


    Thank you

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    Re: Stepper Motor Vibrating

    the four wires of the new stepper are almost certainly a two phase bipolar stepper and the wires are A+, A-, B+, B-.

    Your original stepper, with three wires is unipolar.

    I think you'll have to use a different driver. Unipolar motors are very seldom used in CNC applications.


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    Re: Stepper Motor Vibrating

    Stepper with only three wires could be 3-phase stepper.
    At friends laser X and Y motors are 3-phase ones Drivers for them are Leadshine 3DM683
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