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    Question strange Y axis problem on Gerber CNC

    Hi all. i need some help here. i got an old Gerber machine. still has original screw and rail. motor has upgrade to AC servo. Running Mach 3 now. machine is rigid, push gentry with no movement. now here is the problem. when i cut 2000mm, i get 2000mm sport on no problem. cut 800mm, get 799.70mm. 0.3mm off. cut 50mm. get 49mm, 1mm off. change step setting to make 50mm cut perfect. when cut 2000mm, gets 2008mm. i am confused. really dont know where to start. Please help. thanks (PS. this machine running fine before, all sizes cuts perfect. this is not a new build problem.)

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    Re: strange Y axis problem on Gerber CNC

    Measure your cutter. It may not be exactly on size, maybe small?
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: strange Y axis problem on Gerber CNC

    Hello, you mean its a laser or a cnc machine ?

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    Re: strange Y axis problem on Gerber CNC

    Quote Originally Posted by Syx1977 View Post
    change step setting to make 50mm cut perfect.
    Here is your problem. "Steps per unit" is not something you change, adjust or tweak. It is a hard number that you calculate from your screw/motor parameters, set once and never touch again.

    Set the number where it was before and look for another issue. It could be, as Jim said, incorrect cutter diameter.

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