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    Surplus DC Motors

    I was browsing surplus center and found quite a few goodies. Was thinking of ordering a few for my upcoming projects but I don't know how good of quality they are.

    The first motor here cough my eye. It looks like a way to good of deal to me
    but it is nearly 1kW... Anybody ordered from them or been inside? Only surplus place I have been is Princess Auto and its horrible quality everything...

    120VDC 1HP Motor Wired with breaker, reciter, cord and switch seems like an amazing deal I would like to put this on any of my lathes or small mills a simple $15 scr controller I build last week would work great.

    In case it wont they have DC motor controllers back in stock. I believe these where the ones people where using to replace the defective ones on their x3's?

    1HP Shunt Motor Would this work well on a 10x22? Its only ~850W but as its 3450RPM with some gearing it would be more powerful.

    For the big guns a motor for RF45 or Tormach sized machines Thats one beefy 3.5HP DC motor. You would need to build a housing with bearings to support the rotor but thats trivial. A few 36V transformers in parallel would be needed but would only draw max 20A from a 120v line (I would use 240v personally)

    And lastly I was checking out phase converters and seen many rotary types and found them pretty nifty but for this price why bother!

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    my observations

    the 120 vdc motor at first glance seems a diamond...but...look at the shaft size...5/16?

    the other 2 motors you list are both intermittent duty cycle....

    just my obsevations

    bill z

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    Phase converter

    I have had one of those phase converters for a while.
    They work fine but nowadays you can buy a VFD for about the same price.
    I used to be appalled, now I'm just amused.

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    KIMFAB> Mind telling me where you shop for your 1 phase to 3phase 3HP VFD's? I have yet to find anything for less than $150 even the piddly 1/2HP ones.

    bodysnatcher> Yea that shaft size seems a bit piddly for a 1HP motor, even my 1/2HP has a 1/2in shaft. But for that price I think its a good size for for small machines like a Taig Lathe or the such. I'm hoping its not intermittent duty (didn't realize the shunt motor was) as I found a small AC motor that seemed like a great deal and it got so hot it was scary (~75deg/10min)

    I wonder if I called down they would know if it gets ridiculously hot..

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    The best people to buy a VFD from; http://www.dealerselectric.com/ Some times they have even better prices on "specials"


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    Here is the unit I have

    I just checked and I bought mine in 07 for $280. It works great on my Shizouka with the reverse and variable speed.
    I use the fixed unit on my grinder and punch press where the variable speed is not needed.

    Call them direct (877.625.2402) the remote is not really necessary and costs about $30.
    They drop ship from the mfgr AC Tech.
    I used to be appalled, now I'm just amused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by packrat View Post
    The best people to buy a VFD from; http://www.dealerselectric.com/ Some times they have even better prices on "specials"

    Holy crap those are some awesome prices. I'm gonna give them a call. Now the question is can I find any small size (physically) 3 phase motors...

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    Well Surplus Center emailed me back today and let me know that its rated to be able to run for at least an hour within specs and that its rated for continuous duty.

    Well its only $60 shipped so its worth a try I guess and its got a rectifier and switch built in so at least its ready to go from day one.

    Hopefully it doesn't have the destructive overheating issues of every DC motor I have found so far. Anybody interested in performance specs when I get it?

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    I would like to know how you made out with the motor.
    That VFD looks the same as mine with a different label, wonder what the difference is. I had seen prices like that since I bought mine but couldn't find them immediately.
    Keep us appraised of the situation.
    I used to be appalled, now I'm just amused.

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    Re: Surplus DC Motors

    The issue concerns the erratic pricing of DC motors, essential components in robotics and DIY projects. Recent disruptions in the global supply chain have led to unpredictable "dc motor price" increases, affecting budgeting and project timelines. Securing affordable and reliable sources for these motors has become a pressing concern, requiring strategies to navigate fluctuating costs and ensure project feasibility and profitability for enthusiasts and small businesses alike. https://epro.pk/?s=dc+motor+price&po...oduct&product_

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