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Thread: Switch

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    I have a home built cnc router that has x y z axis and just added a axis. what i do now is unplug Y motor and plug in A motor, is thier a toggle switch that will do this . all motors are 4 wire so 4 wires in from control box 8 wires out to A and Y. suggestions please.

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    Re: Switch

    There are 4 pole double throw switches available If you must do it that way. Be sure to turn the power off before moving the switch so yo u don't blow the driver. I would find a way to add another stepper driver instead.

    You could actually get away with a DPDT switch and just the positive leads and leave the negatives connected. Again, power off switching only.

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    Re: Switch

    thank you for the help i will try the switch. money very tight at the moment but will use the proper way when i can.

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    Cool Re: Switch

    As @rcheli write ALWAYS TURN OFF power before flipping a switch or your tight budget will be blown with the drivers
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