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    Syil X3 CNC No movement from steppers or Spindle


    I just bought a Syil X3 CNC from an estate sale. It looked like it was used until it the owner passed away. I can get the computer on, mach3 loaded with the Syil X3 config, and jogging within mach3. I checked continuity between the DB25 connector, all good. When I power the X3 on I see a green light for the spindle. When I try to turn on (start, speed up, etc.) it just beeps. I press the estop and the spindle speed lcd goes out, and comes back when I reset the estop. When the spindle speed lcd turns on, it says 0080. I press start but it never turns on, and I cannot increase or decrease the speed.

    My other problem is with the steppers. When the power is on I can barely turn the ballscrews, so it seems the steppers are getting some power. I tool the back panel off and saw a red led on each of the stepper drivers. I have checked the estop operation and they seem to be functions ok on the switch side. I have attached some pictures. Does anyone have the datasheet for the Syil 2 phase stepper driver?

    Any thoughts?
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    Cool Re: Syil X3 CNC No movement from steppers or Spindle

    Try these files for driver and rest of machine.
    Might be rubbish on spindle sensor magnet ring.
    Use adhesive tape to clear whiskers.
    Try not to remove sensors, else phasing might be screwed up.
    Your mach3 estop setup might be wrong.

    I need to attach files using computer.
    Please wait. Now I know why it was too hard on android phone.
    Super X3. 3600rpm. Sheridan 6"x24" Lathe + more. Three ways to fix things: The right way, the other way, and maybe your way, which is possibly a faster wrong way.

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