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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Controller & Computer Solutions > SYNTEC 4MA / 4MB network remote control (Industry 4.0 ?)
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    SYNTEC 4MA / 4MB network remote control (Industry 4.0 ?)

    Hi Guys,

    I'm considering the purchase of a machine having the SYNTEC 4MA or 4MB controller but I'm not able to get manuals either from the machine seller or Syntec itself (definitely not a good start!).

    Can anybody give links for downloading the manuals?

    What I actually would like to know is if the SYNTEC 4MA / 4MB controllers can be customized (I would like to add functionalities using C language or any other programming language).

    Reason is I would like to implement some sort of integration with the PC in the office (via the ethernet network connection) like e.g. an alarm happens in the machine, the PC receives a notification; a part is completed (M30 is reached) and the PC increments the part count in the inventory database; etc. etc. Also in the opposite direction if possible e.g. emergency stop initiated from the PC.

    My real question is, are these things possible with the SYNTEC 4MA / 4MB (which case I need the programming manuals) or if not, which controllers would make this possible? Can you give recommendations?

    Some other models of SYNTEC? I see on their site they talk a lot about this kind of integration but nobody is able to tell me if the 4MA / 4MB do it.
    Or should I consider the (much) more expensive FANUC or SIEMENS ?

    Thank you a lot in advance

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    Re: SYNTEC 4MA / 4MB network remote control (Industry 4.0 ?)

    Did you ever figure anything out with this? also interested in this topic...

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    Re: SYNTEC 4MA / 4MB network remote control (Industry 4.0 ?)

    Quote Originally Posted by russoandrew22 View Post
    Did you ever figure anything out with this? also interested in this topic...
    Hlo friend, im application engineer working on syntec controllers, contact me at +918168294379 (my whatsapp) &
    [email protected].

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