Hi, I have a cnc with syntec 6mb. Managed to get it working when using a single tool and now I’m trying to learn how to use the ATC. After reading the manuals and watching few videos I’m having the following issue, I’m hoping someone else has this problem before and is able to help me:

1. I turn on the machine and home all the axis
2. Place four different tools on the ATC
3. Go to F3 offset/coordinates > F1 Workpiece Cord. change to MPG move the tooltip to the corner of my material and press Latch Machine Cord.for ONLY the X and Y coordinates leaving Z to 0
4. Leave F3 Offset/Setting?F2 Tool Set in Absolute mode as it is by default
5. Tool tip measure F3 Offset/Setting?F3 Tool Tip Measurement autotool mode 3: Many Tool Many Workpieces
a. Go through all the tools from 1 to 4 and press start on each tool, each tool length is stored in F2 Tool Set Length Geometry
b. with tool 4, change to MPG, move it to the top of my material and press Z Delta Set, G54 Z coordinate is updated with a positive value 40.581 (which I assume is the distance between the Z tool length sensor and the top of my material)

Once I do this I won’t be able to run any program as my G54 Z coordinate is positive and before start it will show an alarm "17 Z axis first positive software limit exceeded"

If I dont use the Z delta and I simply set the G54 Z coordinate with one of the tools using the F3 offset/coordinates > F1 Workpiece Cord Match Machine Cord. option it will work ok for the tool used but z will be wrong when changing to the other tools.

Does anyone know why Z delta updates g54 with a positive value on z which invariably triggers the 17 alarm? Maybe [mention]SyntecEngineer [/mention] or [mention]SyntecLee [/mention] would know? Many thanks!!

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