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    system alarm 904& bubble memory

    Dear All,

    can any one help me to solve the following problem:

    Machine: Hitachi seiki
    Controller: Fanuc 6T
    Memory: bubble memory BMU

    Alarm 904 appears some times and some times not, i tried to initialize the bubble memory by pressing (-) and (.) while powering on and the following happened:

    the screen shows just 3 options as

    I can not see the rest of the options:
    4- bubble

    could any one help

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    Now will be a good time to backup all your parameters and programs(if you already have not done so) by RS232 or writing them down manually while the control is still coming up. Some Fanuc 6 controls have PMC data also. You can access by pressing "PARAM" key TWICE and you will see "PC Parameter" on top left hand corner of the screen if you have the PC parameters. You need to type "N" "1000" then INPUT key. You will see only one line N1000. Write down the setting of N1000 then press down arrow key to advance to N1001 and repeat. Do the same thing for N2000+ then N3000+ parameters. As far as BMU initialization procedure, you can find it in Fanuc 6T or 6M maintenance manual Appendix section. Manual number is B52265E for 6MB or B52245E for 6TB. If you do not have either manuals, please let me know your fax number by private message and I will fax you what I have. In case anyone at Fanuc/ GE Fanuc monitoring, this information is not proprietary information and is freely available in your maintenance manual.

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    Probably a problem with your bubble memory PCB, we have these PCB's in stock please contact North American Industrial at 905-565-6166 or check out our web site at www.northamericanindustrial.com

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    Re: system alarm 904& bubble memory

    Hi! I got same System Error 904 on a Fanuc 6M controller. I replaced battery (Rechargeable Battery) that was damaged on the FANRAM Board (It replaced an old Bubble Memory Board). After that I tried procedure to re-enter parameters (Turn on the "Parameter write" switch on the main PCB, then hold the CAN and the DELETE button (tried "O" and DELETE too) while turning on the CNCs power) but nothing occurred. Same message on screen (System Error 904). Please, any other advise about this error? Thank you all.

    P.D.: I have no Maintenance Manual (bought machine without it), so I will appreciate a lot if someone in the forum can provide it.

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    Re: system alarm 904& bubble memory

    Call me at 289 389 6117; we made your board.

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