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    Testing NEMA34 Closed Loop Stepper Motor System-Hybrid Servo Kit 1128 oz-in with 60VD


    We tested this NEMA34 closed loop stepper motor system-hybrid servo kit 1128 oz-in ( KL-8080L&KL34-8N-1000L) for a customer with 60VDC power supply.

    Product Link:
    NEMA34 closed loop stepper motor system https://rb.gy/umnvr7
    60VDC Power Supply https://rb.gy/78eq8z

    NEMA 34 Hybrid Servo kit (closed-loop stepper system):

    1pc Hybrid Servo Driver KL-8080L

    1pc NEMA34 KL34-8N-1000L Hybrid Servo Motor with one Encoder 1000 line

    1pc 3 meter cable or longer

    A: KL-8080L 2-phase Hybrid Servo Driver:

    KL-8080L is a low cost, high performance servo systems, for a variety of large-scale automation equipment and instruments, it is better for user to expect with low-cost, low vibration, low noise, high-precision, high-speed equipment, more suitable lower rigidity actuator load, such as a belt type than conventional servo.

    Input 60-110VDC / 45-80VAC, No Tuning, Nulls loss of Synchronization
    Output 6.0 A
    High-performance, low price
    Automatic idle-current reduction
    Optical isolating signals I/O
    Max response frequency up to 200Kpps
    Low temperature rise, smooth motion
    Online adaptive
    B: NEMA34 Hybrid Servo Motor, KL34-8N-1000L, 1/2" Shaft

    Rated Torque 1128 oz-in, 8 N-m, with Encoder 1000 line
    Number of Phase: 2
    Step Angle: 1.8°±5%
    Motor Holding Torque: 8.0 N.m
    Current: 6.0A
    Phase Inductance(1KHz): 4.3 ±20%mH

    A+ to BLU

    A- to RED

    B+ to GRE

    B- to BLK

    C: 3 or 5 meter Encoder cable

    1000 pulses per revolution

    Quadrature digital signals: 4000 steps per revolution

    4000 / .05 pitch

    80,000 counts per unit
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    Re: Testing NEMA34 Closed Loop Stepper Motor System-Hybrid Servo Kit 1128 oz-in with

    Quote Originally Posted by automationtechinc View Post
    A stepper.

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