This 1325 woodworking engraving machine is also known as an entry-level woodworking engraving machine by users. From the processing path, this is also a three-axis engraving machine. During the processing of the three-axis engraving machine, the work piece always remains stationary, while the cutting tool moves along the three axes to process the work piece. When the three-axis CNC engraving machine is engraving, whether it is flat carving or round carving, it can be imagined as a plane carving. It is mainly suitable for engraving plane and bilaterally symmetrical, uncomplicated patterns, such as olive core, 461 brand, etc.The reason why this woodworking CNC machine is considered to be an entry-level engraving machine in the woodworking machinery industry is because this CNC machine is simple to operate and does not require special training. The operator can complete the machine operation independently. In addition, the procurement cost is low, and maintenance and repair are relatively simple. Therefore, both in operation and maintenance, it is more suitable for new users.
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