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    TNG and 5 axis milling

    I've been using a Mk3/4 Planet CNC board for a few years already, also tried other boards and software during that time, the Planet CNC stuff still works best for me.

    I'm looking into building a new CNC milling/routing machine, with 5 axis capability and for that I think I'll go with the Mk3 9 axis board; I didn't check the Planet CNC website for a couple years and was very pleased to see that the new version of the control software works in Linux on a Raspberry Pi which is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to have. So here is my question, would a Raspberry Pi 3 be powerful enough to run a 5 axis machine?

    Besides that I'm interested in knowing what differences, updates or new features the TNG software has compared with the previous CNC USB Controller one.

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    Re: TNG and 5 axis milling

    Thank you for your shown interest and kind words.

    Yes, after your last visit we did release our new motion control software, PlanetCNC TNG. While CNC USB sw could be used only on Windows machines, TNG can successfully run on Windows, Linux, RPi (Raspbian). With new upcoming TNG release (V2) also Apple machines will be supported.

    It is really hard to compare the two software's since TNG is so much ahead of CNC USB capability wise.

    You could use Mk3 controller with TNG and RPi3 to control your 5-axis machine. It is worth adding that you would need to use suitable 5-axis g-code in order to obtain proper machine motion.

    List of essential TNG tutorials:

    You can contact us at support@planet-cnc.com for more information.

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    Re: TNG and 5 axis milling

    The scripting capabilities of TNG ...

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